CVES School Counseling Program


It is the mission of Crestview Elementary School to empower and support all students by enhancing student academic, career, and personal/social strengths, as well as working to close achievement gaps and support positive choices. The School Counseling program is implemented through individual counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance, and school wide programs. Each class will receive regular guidance lessons as part of the related arts rotation.  Other small groups and individual counseling will be scheduled as well.  

individual counseling

Individual Counseling

Students may see the school counselor on an individual and short term basis. We are happy to help students in several ways, such as handling/understanding emotions, learning from mistakes, and self-regulating and calming techniques. As school counselors, we do not provide intensive or regular counseling, since our focus is short-term solutions based. This means that we can see students every once in awhile for a check-in or support in emergency/ emotional situations. We will help students learn how to cope with their situations in a practical way that can be used immediately after leaving our office. If a student needs more than we can give them, we will be happy to give contact information to you for outside counselors in the area. The student may be referred by a teacher, parent, administrator, or themselves. 

If your student comes home and tells you they have met with the school counselor, please be assured they are not in trouble! School counselors do not punish and are often a step toward improving behaviors before discipline or consequences are required. 

small group

Small Group Counseling

Students may also be seen in small groups with other students, usually in the same grade level. Small groups are intended to bring students together who may have shared similar experiences, such as being a new student, experiencing anxiety, recent grief, or social skills. Small group counseling provides a safe setting where children, along with their peers, can increase their self-awareness and improve their cooperation and communication skills.


Guidance Classes
Students will be attending guidance classes as a part of the Related Arts rotation. Guidance classes are a proactive way to teach a variety of areas while reaching all students. The lessons will be categorized as either Social/Emotional Development, Academic Development, or Career Development. They will break down into more specific categories and will be catered to each grade level.

 It is the vision of Crestview Elementary School to equip students with the necessary skills to achieve their potential and become successful members of society!  Our school does so by focusing on the 7 Habits outlined in the Leader in Me curriculum.

We Believe.... 

- Each student is capable of reaching their full potential!
- All students should be treated with respect!
- In celebrating diversity!
 - In advocating for ALL students at Crestview Elementary